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About Us

Meet the Team

We are a small team that works closely together, all from the same location. There are no remote call centres, off-site support, or outsourced contact centres. Our internal motto is "Happy Customers, Happy Team, Successful Company", reflecting our recognition that customers and team are the foundations of everything we do. Key team members are shown below.

Rupert Walmsley is in charge of the business, and spends most of his time dealing with network operations, server management, and technical support. Outside of these technical roles he takes a keen interest in moving the business forward and providing specialist solutions to customers who need bespoke Internet services.

Kate Ames is our team leader and co-ordinates the day to day running of sales, support, and accounts. She has been with the company since near its inception and knows the processes and systems inside out.

John Barton is a key member of our support team, and provides much of the day-to-day support to customers, as well as taking an increasing role in server administration.

Justin Walmsley is head of web design and is responsible for this web site, and is a bit of a "web standards" obsessive.

Team Spirit