Customers with Orange ISP - outgoing mail problem.

February 3rd, 2011

Due to changes in their services, the Orange ISP [Internet Provider Service] no longer permit customers to use 3rd party outgoing mail servers (smtp).

If you are using fixed line Orange’s internet connection, you will now need to use their smtp as your outgoing mail server in order to send email from Orange network.

For further information, please see Orange’s support article:

If you have problem with changing settings or need any help please call us.

Inbound Mail Delays

February 1st, 2011

We are currently experiencing delays processing inbound email due to a server problem on our mx2 server. Engineers are currently investigating and we will update this message as soon as news is available. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

Light Hosting Package Upgrade

October 1st, 2010

As of October the 1st 2010 customers on the Light Hosting package have been upgraded to our Essential Hosting package. Light Hosting was superseded in 2009 and existing customers have been allowed a 12 month grace period before the upgrade takes place. Although this does mean an increased cost of £3.16 per month this still offers excellent value for money and better reflects the quality of service and support offered by EuroFastHost. The relevant increases in quotas have been applied to customer’s accounts and are available for use.

Mail5 Delivery Problems

August 22nd, 2010

Today we have been experiencing problems with the message spool on mail5, which has currently got over 600,000 messages in it. 99% of these messages are spam, but they are causing massive delays and preventing legitimate messages from being delivered. We are working on the problem but due to the size of the queue it will take until at least midday on Sunday to correct.

During this time all messages sent and received are being queued up for delivery, and will be processed as soon as possible once the spam has been removed. No messages will be lost, and we apologise for the significant delivery delays currently being experienced.

UPDATE: 2010.08.22 16:30  - The problem with mail delivery on Mail5 solved, all delayed messages will be delivered soon. We apologise for any inconvenience this caused and thank you for your patience.

Web1 Connection Problems

August 4th, 2010

This morning we have been experiencing problems with the connectivity on Web1. The webserver is dealing with an unusually high number of incoming connections, which are maxing out the CPU, causing performance delays and low ping replies. We are attempting to identify the website(s) that are being targeted, but it is taking longer than normal due to the performance problems which happen as soon as the problem starts. We apologise for the problems affecting the websites on Web1, and will post an update here as soon as we have news or a solution.

Update 2010.08.11 - The problems with Web1 have now been resolved and full service has resumed. We apologise for the problems this outage has caused.

Network Problems

July 30th, 2010

Since 15:55 BST this afternoon we have been experiencing networking problems at our primary UK datacenter. All equipment is online, however the main switch that we use is intermittently being overloaded which is indicative of a problem. We have asked Engineers at the datacenter to swap out the switch which they will be doing within the next couple of hours, which we expect to resolve the problem. We will post an update as soon as one is available, and apologise for the problems affecting the performance or availability of your services.

Further to our earlier update, the switch was replaced at 18:25 since which time all network traffic levels have returned to normal, and we are no longer experiencing any loss of packets. We will continue to monitor the temporary switch until a permenant replacement is on site next week.

Control Panel Updated

April 6th, 2010

Our control panel, has had a recent upgrade over the weekend. You’ll notice the changes as soon as you log in, with new icons linking to the major parts of your control panel (Domains, Web, FTP Accounts, File Manager, Databases and Mail).
Websites and Domain Pointers are now created slightly differently, generated through the “Domains” option on the left hand menu. For more information please read our walk-through.

Mail5 Migration

April 1st, 2010

Due to the increasing number of customers using our webmail interface ( or mail.<yourdomain>) we will be migrating all email accounts over to a new and more powerful email server. This will ensure that users experience fewer connection issues accessing email and faster load times when using their webmail.

To complete this migration, the mail5 server will be off-line from 9PM on Saturday 3rd of April for up to 9 hours. Email access will be prohibited, but email will be queued during this time and delivered once the new mail server is online. You will not need to make any changes to your email software. We will update this page as the migration progresses.

2010.04.04 01:46 BST: The work on mail5 has been completed, and all services have been back online and working normally for the past 30 minutes. We will continue to monitor the new server closely over the next 48 hours, but everything went smoothly and we don’t anticipate any problems. Thank you for your patience and understanding during the last few hours.

2010.04.06 12:19 BST: After over 48 hours online including one of the busiest mornings of the year this morning, we are delighted to announce that the new mail5 server has performed above expectations, and the no errors have been logged at all since the migration. We are now marking this issue as resolved. If you experience any problems please contact support.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but endeavour to complete the migration as quickly as possible.

Spam/Virus Filter

February 25th, 2010

There is currently a problem with the virus/spam filter which has resulted in a number of email’s being delayed. We are currently investigating the issue and will update this post with any information as soon as it’s available.

2010.02.25 11:00 The issue with the server has been resolved and is back online. The mail queue will empty over the next couple of hours and we’re doing everything we can to speed up the process. We will update this post once the mail queue has been emptied.

2010.02.25 12:00 The mail queue has been completely emptied, all emails have now been delivered.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for your patience.

Spam Titan Restarted

February 12th, 2010

Our Spam Server was restarted this morning, after having technical problems. We are currently looking into the cause of this problem. The current queue of email’s will be delivered over the next couple of hours.
We apologise for the email delay and any inconvenience this may cause.

Mail5 Delivery Delays

February 3rd, 2010

We are currently investigating performance problems on the Mail5 server, which we have just restarted. The queue looks bigger than normal which is affecting delivery times. As soon as we have it back under control we’ll update this post. In the meantime please be patient if your email client mentions any connection errors. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes.

Update 2010.02.04 00:44 The earlier backlog on the queue has been resolved, and the performance & delivery times have returned to normal. The problem was caused by a lot of spam messages being directed at a client’s domain, which we have manually cleared and blocked from happening again. We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure that the queue stays at normal levels. Please accept our apologies for any delays over the past few hours.

Spam Titan Restarted

February 2nd, 2010

We recently experienced some technical issues with our spam server, This caused email delays for our customers who are using it to screen their email for spam or viruses. The issue has been resolved and the server has been restarted. We anticipate the current queue to empty within the couple of hours.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

MySQL Migration

January 26th, 2010

Over the upcoming days we will be migrating all our our MySQL5 databases to a dedicated server. The IP address of the new server will become, but the hostname will still remain After the database migration, you will be unable to use localhost as the hostname, so please make sure your web pages use as the host.

Update: 2010.02.02: The MySQL migration will take place over the next couple of days. During this time, remote connections using MySQL Administrator will be temporarily blocked.

Update: 2010.02.02 14:53: The MySQL migration has been complete, but remote access to the MySQL server is temporarily suspended.

Update 2010.02.03 9:50: Some customers are having issues with their WordPress powered website. We are investigating the issue now and will update this page once resolved. If you have problems adding new posts to your website, please contact us.

Update 2010.02.04 10:25: The Word Press issue has been resolved and remote access using MySQL Administrator has now been restored. If you experience any MySQL issues, please ensure you’re using as your hostname, and contact us.

We don’t expect any downtime during this period, but if you do have any issues accessing your database over the upcoming days, please email

Web2 Offline [Resolved]

July 3rd, 2009

2009.07.03 01:15: Our web2 server which hosts several reseller accounts and 2 customer VPSs is currently offline. Engineers in the datacenter have been informed and are investigating problems on the server and trying to restore service as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies for the problems affecting sites at this time.

2009.07.03 02:07: Engineers have reported that they suspect the problem has been caused by a PSU failure despite the server being less than 4 months old. They are currently checking their stock to see if they have a spare available, and we have contacted our SuperMicro dealer to see if we can get one from them as soon as they open in the morning.  We will update this post again as soon as any news is available, and apologise again for the downtime affecting sites on this server.

2009.07.03 09:53: We have received the replacement PSU and an engineer is en route the datacenter to install it immediately. We expect to be on site at the datacenter within 90 minutes, and the server should be back online by approximately 12:30-13:00. We will update this post again when news is available, and thank you for your patience at this time.

2009.07.03 14:35: The Web2 server was brought back online approximately 15 minutes ago and all services have come back up promptly. The issue was caused by the PSU controller and replacing that with a new one provided by our authorised SuperMicro dealer fixed the problem and allowed the server to be fired back up. We have already ordered another spare controller board and complete dual PSU assembly so that in the extremely unlikely event of another failure the replacement hardware is on site at the datacenter and can be changed over immediately.

We sincerely apologise for the problems today and the downtime & inconvenience caused. The affected server was our newest server brought online in April bought from a range that we have been exclusively using for the last 9 months without any issues at all.

Mail5 Problems Resolved

May 6th, 2009

The problems affecting clients on Mail5 have been resolved. The issue was caused by a large number of big attachments which caused delays for the antivirus service on the mailserver. This resulted in high CPU usage while scanning, which in turn delays the processing & delivery of mail creating a backlog.

We have resolved the issue by reconfiguring the antivirus settings within the mailserver, and the server load is now back to normal. The mail queue that reached over 1600 messages at it’s peak is now down to less than 150 and delivering the final delayed messages.

We apologise for the performance problems and their effects on your ability to send/recieve email earlier today, and thank you for your understanding.

Mail5 Problems

May 6th, 2009

We are experiencing problems with the Mail5 SmarterMail server, which are affecting the performance and availability of the POP3 service that is used to collect email.

We are currently working on the problem and hope to have normal service resumed shortly. We apologise for the problems and the inconvenience caused.

Wordpress Blank Page or Permalink Problems

May 5th, 2009

We have noticed a common trend affecting sites running Wordpress on servers running the latest version of PHP 5.2.9-2. The issue appears to be with the way that php5.2 handles include files, which WordPress uses extensively, and results in an empty (blank) white page being displayed when your site/blog is viewed.

The fix is extremely simple, which is to edit the following line found towards the bottom of the index.php page from:




That’s it!

If you use Permalinks in association with the ISAPI ReWrite software we have installed on our software, you may also like to include the following block of code at the very top of the index.php page you just edited:

//    IIS FIX for Isapi ReWrite

This fixes problems with all permalink pages/entries displaying the default blog/home page.

If you require any other help with your site please contact support.

Mail2 Migration

April 29th, 2009

Tonight we will be migrating domains from Mail2 to our new Mail5 Smartermail 5 Enterprise Server as part of our ongoing server migrations.From 10PM the mail2 service will be intermittently unavailable while domains are migrated.

This migration involves a change of IP address for the DNS record, which will change from to If you experience problems following the migration the most likely cause will be that your DNS cache has not expired. This will happen automatically, but in the meantime to connect to the server you can update the POP3/IMAP and SMTP server addresses in your email program from to

If you continue to experience problems please leave us a message using the form at

We apologise for any disruption caused while we migrate to the new mailserver, and thank you for your patience during this time.

Mail2: Problems Resolved

April 23rd, 2009

This morning there was a problem affecting the mail2 mailserver following on from some migration work we carried out last night. We have restarted the mailserver processes and POP3, IMAP, and SMTP are working correctly. Our backup MX servers are currently despooling mail and based upon current performance we expect all the mail to be delivered to mailboxes within the next 90 minutes. We sincerely apologise for the inconvnience this outage has caused.

Migration still going on

March 22nd, 2009

Tonights work is going slightly slower than we anticipated, so we are extending the maintenance window by a further 3 hours. We now expect normal service to have resumed by 7:00 this Sunday morning. We apologise for any inconvenience this delay causes.